Old City Hall

Just beside Nathan Phillips Square, there is an heritage building which is the Toronto Old City Hall. At this place there were located the offices of the mayor and the city council till the New City Hall was built. It is a Romanesque style building and it was constructed in 1899 and at the time of its construction it was one of the most important civic buildings in North America. However, after the New City Hall was built the office of the mayor was moved to the new building.

Despite not being the office of the mayor anymore it is still a public building, but currently it is being used as a courthouse. Visitors are allowed inside, but they have restricted access. If you want to go inside, we recommend you to go during a weekday since it is usually closed on weekends. The lobby of the Old City Hall is the best part to check, since it still has some of the original parts of when the building was created.

You can take a great picture of this place from Nathan Phillips Square, but also you can take it from Bay Street. However, due to the magnitude of the building the whole structure is best captured at the square.

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