Explore Toronto Free Tours: What do we do?

Exploring Canada’s biggest city can be a life changing experience if you go to the right places, and that’s exactly what our tours are about. Toronto is a vibrant metropolis with a multicultural population that offers a broad spectrum of museums, theatres, restaurants, parks, skyscrapers, festivals, historic sites and sports which makes the city a top tourist destination in North America.

Our passion at Toronto Free Tours is to help you discover the city as a local and take you to the most iconic places but at the same time to other incredible sites that many regular visitors don’t know about. We offer unique tours to different locations of the downtown core of Toronto, and while exploring we will discuss about the history and culture of the city. We are a team of independent, freelancers, and volunteers guides who have acquired a great amount of knowledge of Toronto based in our life experiences and we want to share it with you.

After finalizing the tour, most of the attendees make comments to the guides about the many new things they discovered about the city walking with us. Although this is normal for tourists, we want to highlight that many our guests are Toronto residents, some of which have been living in the city for 20 years or more. We believe that these comments are the confirmation that we have passed the final test for our tours. However, we encourage you to join one of our tours so you can judge it by yourself.

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